That Way

This Way


Initially these trees instantly reminded me of the nervous system of the brain.

Their routes must be intermingled beneath the surface, enmeshed..twisting and tightening through time developing a reliance on each other.

I decided to connect them with the U at the base, solidifying the notion of duality as illusion, with their routes caught as both hemispheres of the brain, coexisting chemically.

The yellow 'fill', to me indicates, a chemical entity, relating to poison.

I discovered the land adjacent to the field, which was home to these trees, had other uses and had possibly toxic waste buried beneath or near it, by decision of the owners, this being maybe the most lucrative use of land. This could be seen as relating to the yellow as a pharmaceutical indication of the poison.

Another view of this picture came from the perspective of someone who said it represented a vagina with the pubic hair developing above as the branches.

This view uses the yellow as a source of birth and creation, interwoven within the realms of the physical, reeling back to the inevitable containment within the process of birth and death.

Although seemingly an antithesis of my original conscious intention in the development of the idea that it’s structure  is related to the brain, the earth and the infection of toxicity between the elements, there is obviously, to me, an initially ‘unseen’ part which reverberates through this image and is exactly why I endeavor to relate to these compositions as having more than just  one identity or depiction and ultimately being completely open to interpretation,

The process of their creation is not to be defined as complete, and captured completely, in reason.